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22.The Committee is concerned at the incidence of poverty among older persons in the State party, especially among those who do not receive pensions and low-income pensioners. The Committee is particularly concerned that poverty affects primarily older women whose pension contribution did not meet the eligibility criteria and that stigma discourages older persons from applying for public welfare benefits. The Committee is further concerned that the changes introduced in the Act on Partial Revision of the National Pension Act to Support Securing of Income for Those Later in Life through National Pension and Corporate Pension leave many older persons without pension benefits. (art. 9)
The Committee reiterates is previous recommendation calling on the State party to introduce a minimum guaranteed pension in the national pension system. The Committee also calls on the State party to take measures to simplify the procedures for applying for public welfare benefits and to ensure that applicants are treated with dignity. The Committee also recommends that the State party educate the population with a view to eliminate the stigma attached to public welfare benefits. The Committee requests the State party to provide in its next periodic report information on the situation of older persons, including hibakusha, disaggregated by sex, source and level of income. The Committee refers the State party to its general comments No. 6 (1995) on the economic, social and cultural rights of older persons and No. 19 (2008) on the right to social security.

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